Friday, September 14, 2012

Pass The Plate Of "Happiness" Around: A Quick Review of "The Happiness Project"

The Happiness ProjectThe Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What's not to like about an upbeat, well-written and thoughtful book about the esoteric and practical ways one can make themselves more happy in their everyday life?  Not much is my answer.  Gretchen Rubin proves to be a wonderful guide through her year-long search for ways to be happier, without uprooting her whole life for some magical, spiritual quest to some faraway land, as she is married with two young kids.  "The Happiness Project" is chock-full of great tips, anecdotes, quotes, research and experiments gone right and wrong that ultimately lead to Rubin feeling and believing her life was improved by taking on the quotidian task of finding big and little ways to increase joy.  I only take one star off because about half-way through the book, unfortunately, one of Rubin's happiness resolutions ("start a blog") results in her sharing pages upon pages of replies she got from followers of her blog.  I hope Rubin sees it as a compliment that I wanted more of her words and less from her blog legion.  Other than that bit of tiresomeness, I enjoyed this book thoroughly, found myself immediately applying some of the easier happiness tips to my life ("sing in the morning," "smile," "cut people slack") and felt better for it.  A fast, accessible (and also exceedingly literate) read, and I do recommend it highly.

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Teddy Tenenbaum said...

Thanks for the tip! I'll go buy it today, and I'll cut the checker some slack when he tries to get me to join his store's stupid book club. :D

Lori Lakin Hutcherson said...

You're funny, TT. Especially since you still know where to find a brick & mortar bookstore where they care about making you sign up! I, myself, bought the book at Target. I'm not even sure if the checker even registered she was holding a book.